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January 26, 2011

So this has been in the works for a bit now. For those who were fortunate to catch the hilarious comments on 700cmx, this is where the “700c DONT LIMIT ME” saying stemmed from.

About a year ago there was no real big debate on wheel size, because almost everyone ran at least a 700c in the rear, but as time passed the battle of the wheel size began.

I was actually a front 26er for some time, but DUAL 700c will always be the best looking in my own opinion. Though I think it does not really matter what bike you ride as long as you rip.

So I brought you this shirt for all the big wheeled brothers to rock knowing that we still kill it and always will. These are a limited run of shirts so get them while you can!

You can pick them up HERE for 22 dollars.

I will throw in some stickers with your shirt orders and feel free to order more!

They are all printed on American Apparel white t-shirts.

All funds go to supporting Wolf Drawn on future stickers and shirts.


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